12.5.16What Happens Next After the Surprise Trump Victory
9.20.16Closing Out the 3rd Quarter
7.26.16How About Some Good News
6.17.16Why Americans Need Active Portfolio Management to Retire Comfortably
5.5.16How Do Presidential Election Cycles Correlate to the Stock Market
4.5.16First Quarter 2016 Comes in Like a Lion
3.17.16DOW Wipes Out Its Losses for 2016 but Biotech and Pharmaceuticals under Attack
3.1.16Why The Price of Oil and The VIX Rating are Important
2.9.16Are the Price of Oil and the Stock Market Portending Recession in 2016?
1.25.16Oil and the Stock Market
1.20.162016 Comes in Like a Lion Not a Lamb


11.16.15Is the Correction Over?
10.6.15What Lies Ahead for the 4th Quarter?
9.15.15Polaris Financial Partners and Heisman Winner Troy Smith
8.24.15Our Advice is Simple – “This Too Shall Pass”
7.12.15The Greek Tragedy Comes to a Conclusion Finally
5.12.15A Period of Transition is Now in Place
3.1.15The Past Six Years – A Tale of Bust to Boom


10.3.14 September Closes the 3rd Quarter on a Tumultuous Note
7.14.14 Independence Day Week Starts Off with a Bang!
4.14.14 It is Finally Here, the Correction We Have Been Waiting For
3.3.14 2014 Begins With a Whimper, Then a Bang
1.8.14 Happy New Year!


11.27.13 Happy Thanksgiving
10.23.13 The 16Day Ordeal is Finally Over
10.11.13 Market Newsletter
6.28.13 Sowing the Seeds for the Next Move Upward
5.8.13 Don't Sell in May and Go Away
5.1.13 Is the Recovery Still Full Speed Ahead
3.28.13 Closing out the First Quarter on a High Note
3.5.13 DOW Industrial Average Closes at Record High Today
1.14.13Why Most of Wall Street Were Wrong