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April 3, 2017Is 2017 Becoming Another Breakout Year
February 13, 2017Dow 20K
January 24, 2017The New Era of Donald Trump
January 11, 2017Happy New Year
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June 17, 2016Why Americans Need Active Portfolio Management to Retire Comfortably
May 5, 2016How Do Presidential Election Cycles Correlate to the Stock Market?
April 5, 2016First Quarter 2016 Comes in Like a Lion – But Goes Out Like a Bull
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March 1, 2016Why the VIX Index Is Important to You and the Stock Market
February 9, 2016Are the Price of Oil and the Stock Market Portending Recession in 2016?
January 25, 2016Are Oil and Stocks Blood Brothers Or Distant 4th Cousins?
January 20, 20162016 Comes in Like a Lion and Not Like a Lamb

Other News

Bob Deitrick was most recently interviewed by contributor and author, Adam Hartung, on how the stockmarket and other economic indicators have outperformed under the stewardship of Clinton and Obama, in tandem with strong Fed leadership, when compared to Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan and Carter among others. Read the entire article here at .